Training Info

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    Skill Availability, Trait dice by Location, Special info on each location and costs of training

    Upgrading Trait Dice

    It costs 500 coins and 15 XP to add a new black power die, 750 coins and 20 XP to upgrade a black power die to a silver power die, or 1,000 coins and 25 XP to upgrade a silver power die to a gold power die. In a Copper campaign, a hero can upgrade a maximum of three of his black dice to silver dice, and may not upgrade silver dice at all.

    Gaining Skills

    Skills New Skill’s New Skill’s
    Previously Coin Cost XP Cost
    1 1,000 20
    2 1,500 30
    3 2,000 40
    4 2,500 50
    5 No further skills may be learned.


    Famous for its so-called “Orc Market” and underground battle arenas, Dawnsmoor has a shady reputation as a place where anything can be bought for a price. Travelers are advised to watch their gold pouches when visiting.
    Market: 4 Defense: 4 Alchemist: none Temple: 2
    Special: Orc Market. All items are 50 coins less expensive than usual in the Market here.
    Subterfuge: Acrobat, Appraiser, Burglar, Pickpocket
    Fighting: Battle Cry, Berserker, Brawler, Taunt
    What trait dice may be upgraded: Melee, Ranged


    More a fortress than a city, Forge is home to many skilled dwarven warriors and smiths. On more than one occasion, Forge has hosted refugees from the other cities when armies marched across the land.
    Market: 2 Defense: 5 Alchemist: 3 Temple: 2
    Special: Dwarven Market. When drawing the first Market item, draw until you find a Weapon, Armor or Shield, or until you exhaust the deck, in which case shuffle the deck and draw normally.
    Subterfuge: Ambidextrous, Cautious, Master Archer, Skilled
    Fighting: Enduring, Relentless, Tough, Unmovable
    What trait dice may be upgraded: Melee, Ranged


    Although considered primitive by some of the other cities, Frostgate has a strong connection to nature and the spirit world. Warriors are sometimes able to receive magical tattoos here that allow them to channel the strength of their totem animal.
    Market: 1 Defense: 4 Alchemist: none Temple: 4
    Special: Odd Market. When drawing the first Market item, draw until you find an Other item, or until you exhaust the deck, in which case shuffle the deck and draw normally.
    Wizardry: Divine Retribution, Wild Talent
    Subterfuge: Eagle Eye, Lucky, Swift
    Fighting: Bear Tattoo, Ox Tattoo, Tiger Tattoo
    What trait dice may be upgraded: None


    Greyhaven is the center of magical learning in Terrinoth.
    Greyhaven’s university has taught generations of runecasters their trade.
    Market: 2 Defense: 4 Alchemist: 5 Temple: 3
    Special: University. Heroes training here may learn both a skill upgrade and up to 2 traits upgrades in one week.
    Wizardry: Prodigy, Telekinesis, Water Pact, Wind Pact
    What trait dice may be upgraded: Magic


    Although neither as famous nor as well-respected as Greyhaven, Nerekhall nonetheless represents a significant source of magical lore. However, where Greyhaven skirts the darker edges of magic, the wizards of Nerekhall plunge straight in, sometimes with unfortunate results.
    Market: 3 Defense: 4 Alchemist: none Temple: 4
    Special: Dark Market. When drawing the first Market item, draw until you find a Rune, or until you exhaust the deck, in which case shuffle the deck and draw normally.
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    Wizardry: Earth Pact, Fire Pact, Necromancy, Vampiric Blood
    What trait dice may be upgraded: Magic


    Riverwatch is the center of trade in Terrinoth. Goods from near and far are sold in Riverwatch’s famous marketplace, including exotic animals from far-off places.
    Market: 5 Defense: 3 Alchemist: 4 Temple: 2
    Special: Great Market. When drawing Market items, replace treasure caches with another card. The Market always fills up completly unless there aren't enough cards left in the deck to do so.
    Wizardry: Boggs the Rat, Mata and Kata
    Subterfuge: Shadow Soul
    Fighting: Furr the Spirit Wolf
    What trait dice may be upgraded: None


    The city of Vynelvale is home to the main cathedral of the Order of Kellos, the largest organized religion in Terrinoth. Devout men and women come from near and far to study at the feet of the greatest priests in the land.
    Market: 3 Defense: 5 Alchemist: none Temple: 4
    Special: Cathedral. Even if this city is razed, the overlord gains no extra conquest tokens from it, as the rest of Terrinoth is outraged.
    Wizardry: Blessing, Holy Aura
    Subterfuge: Born to the Bow, Crack Shot, Precision
    Fighting: Weapon Mastery, Leadership
    What trait dice may be upgraded: All

    Olmric’s Hut

    Special Training Area
    Wizardry: Quick Casting
    Subterfuge: Rapid Fire
    Fighting: Cleaving
    What trait dice may be upgraded: All

    Shika’s Tree

    Special Training Area
    Wizardry: Spiritwalker
    Subterfuge: Alertness
    Fighting: Able Warrior, Knight
    What trait dice may be upgraded: All

    The Secret Master Areas
    Shika’s Tree and Olmric’s Hut, are the homes of two of the greatest legends of the last age, and heroes who
    seek them out can learn invaluable capabilities from them.

    Secret Training
    When the party takes a game week Recuperate/Train action at a Secret Master Area, a hero can increase either his
    maximum wounds by four, or his maximum fatigue by two. This may be done only once at each campaign level, and each hero may increase either his wounds or his fatigue – but not both – at each campaign level. At Copper level, a wound or fatigue upgrade costs 500 coins and 20 XP. At Silver level, this training costs 750 coins and 25 XP. Finally, at Gold level, it costs 1,000 coins and 30 XP. Once the appropriate cost is paid, the hero player takes the wound or fatigue upgrade token that corresponds to the current campaign level.


    Although Tamalir does not rule the other cities, it is by far the greatest of them. Its fantastic artworks and scientific marvels have awed generations. More than any other city, Tamalir is the heart and soul of Terrinoth.
    Market: 2 Defense: 4 Alchemist: 2 Temple: 5
    Special: Hometown. The heroes may purchase upgrades for Tamalir.
    Wizardry: Inner Fire, Willpower.
    Subterfuge: Deflect Arrows, Marksman
    Fighting: Mighty, Parry
    What trait dice may be upgraded: All

    Upgrading Tamalir
    If the heroes end a given week’s party action in Tamalir, they can use their growing notoriety to convince its rulers to improve the city.
    Each possible improvement for Tamalir is represented by a Tamalir Upgrade card, each of which lists an XP cost in its upper left corner. To upgrade Tamalir, the party chooses one of the remaining (i.e., not yet purchased) Tamalir Upgrade cards. Then, each hero pays the listed cost, in full. The upgrade then takes effect, with the purchased card being placed near the Terrinoth map, and stored in one of the hero boxes between game sessions.
    The party may only purchase one Tamalir Upgrade card per game week, which takes effect only after all other elements of the party action have been completed. Purchasing a Tamalir Upgrade does not interfere with or prevent the heroes from doing other things in Tamalir that game week (e.g., visiting the Alchemist, training at the Training Ground, etc.), but the effect of the newly purchased card does not benefit them that week