They Think It's All Over...

posted 2 Nov 2010, 03:07 by Geoff Gibbs   [ updated 2 Nov 2010, 03:17 ]
Having returned to Tamalir from the Caverns of Thuul, the heroes are thrown into a panic when they are attacked by the Slaggorrath and his spider minions, who succeed in killing three of the four heroes before fleeing back to the Spider Queen.

Realising how close the lieutenants of the Spider Queen actually are to their home town, the heroes spend a few weeks bolstering defences and training before the inevitable siege begins.

All three members of the Farrow family arrive at Tamalir together, having just razed Greyhaven, and proceed to besiege the city. The heroes, with little choice in the matter, sally forth and attack the lieutenants in a desperate bid to put a stop to the Spider Queens evil plans.