The Heroes Fight Back!

posted 8 Dec 2010, 00:39 by Geoff Gibbs   [ updated 8 Dec 2010, 01:01 ]

As Tamalir, home town to the heroes, reaches the limit of its siege the heroes and the lieutenants of the overlord begin trading blows in earnest.
In an effort to break the siege, the heroes strike out and attack Sir Alric Farrow. Unfortunately they were not prepared for the onslaught of pain brought on by the knight and only one member of the party remained to run back to Tamalir while Sir Alric continued the siege.

"Incompetent, inept, useless" -- The Overlord

At the start of the new week, Sir Alric continued to besiege the city while Lady Eliza Farrow raised a host and attempted to break the city. The heroes intercepted her in a nearby wood and fought valiantly to the last man, failing to defeat her.

"Oh dear, pathetic." -- The Overlord

Staggering back to the safety of Tamalir, the heroes are assaulted once more, this time by Lord Merric Farrow and his host of magical minions. This time, however, the heroes concentrated all their efforts on the dastardly Farrow and in short order he was defeated and slain, leaving his minions to flee in terror.

"Crap!" -- The Overlord

So the heroes survive and have reason to celebrate. But it is only a matter of time before Slaggorrath strikes again...