The Overlord and His Minions

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    Information on the Overlords status is recorded here.

    The Spider Queen's Current Status

    Avatar and current upgrades.

    The Spider Queen
    Into My Parlour
    Eldritch Lore

    Wounds: See Final Battle below (The Avatar’s maximum wounds are increased by +2 for every conquest token the overlord scored since the heroes
    entered the Overlord’s Keep).

    Web link
    On each attack, after inflicting at least 1 damage a hero will gain a web counter. Until this is removed (by rolling a surge on a power dice) the hero cannot spend any movement points.

    Poison link
    On each attack, a hero will have to remove a number of wounds and gain a number of poison tokens. Poison tokens must be healed to be removed and must be healed first before wounds. 

    Lesser Minions

    Wounds Armor Wounds Armor
    Beastman 4 2 Master Beastman 5 3
    Skeleton 4 0 Master Skeleton 5 1
    Bane Spider 4 1 Master Bane Spider 5 2
    Razorwing 5 3 Master Razorwing 6 4
    Hellhound 5 1 Master Hellhound 6 2
    Sorcerer 5 2 Master Sorcerer 6 3
    Ogre 7 4 Master Ogre 9 5
    Manticore 7 2 Master Manticore 9 3
    Naga 7 3 Master Naga 9 4
    Giant 11 5 Master Giant 12 6
    Dragon 11 3 Master Dragon 12 4
    Demon 11 4 Master Demon 12 5
    Kobold 4 0 Master Kobold 5 1
    Ferrox 5 3 Master Ferrox 6 4
    Golem 8 5 Master Golem 9 6
    Blood Ape 9 3 Master Blood Ape 10 5
    Dark Priest 5 2 Master Dark Priest 6 3
    Deep Elf 7 3 Master Deep Elf 8 4
    Troll 9 4 Master Troll 10 6
    Chaos Beast 11 5 Master Chaos Beast 12 6
    Lava Beetle 5 2 Master Lava Beetle 6 3
    Shade 5 1 Master Shade 6 2
    Wendigo 6 2 Master Wendigo 7 3
    Medusa 6 2 Master Medusa 7 3
    Ice Wyrm 10 3 Master Ice Wyrm 11 4

    NB It's probably worth figuring out what damage you are likely to deal average minimum and maximum then when you attack one of these minions you know when to expect it to go down in one hit or whether it might take 2 or three hits. Then you can plan your strategy around that eg you might do a battle action against a monster that is likely to drop in two hits or you might take a ready action with dodge against a 3 hit monster knowing that even if you attack it full on that it will still be around to hit you. This will also help you plan your use of fatigue to boost trait dice when making an attack.

    It's also worth noting that a monster often has special abilities which make it harder to kill so be aware of them when making decisions. 

    Overlord's Plot: Obsidian Shackles

    While the heroes journey and grow more powerful, the overlord doesn’t remain idle. At the start of the Advanced Campaign, the overlord chooses one of three evil Plots he will pursue, to either destroy or conquer the world. If the overlord ever manages to complete his Plot, he immediately wins the game.

    The plot so far...

    Traitors Abound
    Greed and Hatred


      Overlord's Lieutenants

      The following are now a part of the Overlord's forces.

      Sir Alric Farrow
      Lord Merick Farrow
      Lady Eliza Farrow