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Ys and Carcassonne

posted 25 Jan 2011, 04:22 by Geoff Gibbs
Time for a couple of classic games this week.
Andy, Robin and I (Geoff) sat down to a game of Ys, which Andy and I had played before (but some time ago). After the obligatory waffle on how it works and what you need to do to win, we plunged right into the first turn and realised very quickly just how tense a game it can be. After the first turn, both Andy and Robin had gained a few VPs, while I was trailing with 1. However, I had collected a number of cards which I used to great effect on the second turn to leap into a significant lead. On the third turn, Robin made a substantial gain but was still behind me. But after becoming complacent in the final turn, I was surprised as first Andy, then Robin, raced past me at the start of final scoring. I managed to recover second place by the end of scoring, with Andy taking first by only 3 pts.
Overall a close game with a tense ending.

With time to spare, we decided on a quick game of Carcassonne before heading home. After deciding to use the "international" rules, we all set about playing the game with, what turned out to be, a different version of the rules in our heads. Andy and I both got stuck in our normal trap of sitting through a number of turns with no meeples, while robin seemed to be continually pulling in points at a slow, but steady pace. With final scoring came a debate over the fields, "international" vs, "US" as I understand it, but by following the rules in the box it was resolved. The final score was even closer than Ys, with Andy and I tied for first place with Robin only 2 pts behind.

Overall, 2 very close results for 2 very good games.