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Wrath of Ashardalon and 7 Wonders

posted 1 Mar 2011, 00:40 by Geoff Gibbs   [ updated 1 Mar 2011, 06:25 ]
This week saw new member Pete join Andy, Robin, Tufty and myself (Geoff) kick of the gaming by fighting the hoards of darkness in the D&D board game Wrath of Ashardalon. This co-op dungeon bash pits a party of 5 heroes against wandering monsters of all sorts. Our mission in this particular game was simple, kill 12 of the foul denizens of the deep before they kill one of us!

Break out the d20s!

The party got off to a flying start as the dungeon revealed itself to us at a far faster rate than anticipated, turning up duegars (dark dwarves), orcs and cultists all at once! After a rather hasty counter-attack, we did what any D&D player tells says you should never do: We split the party.

Robin and Tufty went down one corridor to deal with the dark dwarf and the cultist only to be ambushed by a leaping cave bear (and numerous curses). Andy, Pete and I struck off past the body of a kobold and the accompanying trap to deal with a small collection of devils and a grell (a floating brain with a beak and tendrils). My wizard, upon re-reading his spellbook, discovered that some of his "rubbish" spells were actually quite good and proceeded to wipe out most of the monsters in his section of the dungeon in two turns (it would have been one, but he started off dazed). With the grell destroyed, the body count hit the magic 12 and we returned, victorious, to the tavern for ale and wenches.

With some time to spare, Pete broke out a copy of 7 wonders (or 8 wonders in this case) and, after a quick run-though of the rules with first-timer Robin, the card passing began. Now, my memory is not as good as it was, but I believe the final placings were as follows:

  • 5th Andy: 40
  • 4th Pete: 41
  • 3rd Robin: 50
  • 2nd Geoff: 52
  • 1st Tufty: 59
Update: Corrected the final standings and scores of 7 Wonders