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DoG V Report

posted 15 Aug 2011, 04:33 by Geoff Gibbs   [ updated 15 Aug 2011, 05:00 ]

TsuroDay of Gaming 5 was a huge success, with 8 gamers turning up on the doorstep of Martin Sage.

The day kicked off with a couple of quick games of Tsuro while waiting for the stragglers to turn up. This led to some early wins for myself (Geoff) and Dave.

Following the warm up act, the group divided into two, with the future committee heading off to play Ghost Stories and discuss some of the details of getting the new club up and running and the others sitting down to play the old favourite Dominion.

Ghost Stories ended in a quick and, frankly, humiliating defeat but the Dominion game continued on with Martin giving Tufty a run for his money.
With time to spare Andy, Pete and I played Fairy Tale where Andy would moan about the "new" symbols and I had no real idea what I was up to. Andy still managed to win and I scraped into second.

At the Dominion table Tufty eventually emerged victorious, saving face from the possibility of being beaten by a bunch of newbies.

There was then cake. Mmmmmm..... cake....

Having polished off some chocolatey goodness we split once more, this time with Andy, Pete and Tufty heading off to play some card games, while Dave, Martin, Robin, Tony and I set up for a game of Deadlands.
The card gamers managed to get through The Lord of the Rings and two games of Rune Age while we fought our way through a single game of Deadlands.

Martin won a decided victory at Deadlands, with almost double the score of the second placer (me).

We all came together for an eight player game of Shadows over Camelot, with the possibility of up to two traitors. The going was rather so, with little happening for some time. Andy was accused and revealed to be one of the traitors. I accused Tufty and was proven to be wrong. Though hard fought, none of the main quests were completed and when the game ended, with Camelot besieged, there were only four sword on the table; after I revealed myself as the traitor, they were all black!

Finally, a few of us sat down for a quick game of Skull and Roses to finish off the evening. I don't recall who won (not me), but it was good fun.