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posted 8 Mar 2011, 01:11 by Geoff Gibbs

...or Steam as it is normally known over here.

Once more we broke out a copy of Andy's Dutch version of the game and introduced it to both Pete and Robin. Along with the newcomers, Andy, Tony and I (Geoff) played the classic Martin Wallace game.

Having explained the rules, we jumped in and immediately developed different playing styles. Andy (white) built up a little circuit in one corner, Pete (black) built a few small routes across the board for his slow trains, Robin (orange) built many small routes through the centre, Tony (green) concentrated on getting fast trains and I (brown) worked on connecting up a small group of town and making it as difficult as possible for anyone else to access them.

By the end of the game, it was clear that the fight was between Andy and Robin. Following the final count of train lines and money, Andy took the lead by only one point leaving Robin in second. I took third place leaving Pete and Tony in forth and fifth respectively, again separated by just one point.
  1. Andy
  2. Robin
  3. Geoff
  4. Pete
  5. Tony