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Olympos and Mai-Star

posted 24 Aug 2011, 04:10 by Peter Jackson   [ updated 24 Aug 2011, 05:51 by Geoff Gibbs ]

The 2nd to last games night at OGC Piecegamers, saw Olympos hit the table. I (Pete) had, the previous evening, set up the game, gone through the rules, and played out a couple of turns. After doing so, I got quite excited about the potential of the game and thought everyone would like it too.

So, having set up the game for Tufty to check that his colour blindness could identify all the pieces, I left the game set out on the table in the hopes that it would be played. So, after waiting to see if late comers would turn up (which they didn't), the 6 of us sat down to play the 5 player game (Tufty and Martin became 1 team - and an aggressive one too)!!

The game started off by Geoff deciding that he wanted to be on his own on the other side of the board and spent A LOT of time tokens on getting over there. It's probably worth mentioning that time is the most vital mechanic in the game and dictates how many goes you have before the time runs out, and also the order in which you go in! Everyone else then choose places within the mainland of Greece, with Tufty and Martin picking up an important Zues token. After passing the first Zeus maker, one of the gods acted against us, or in this case, against Andy and Geoff who hadn't picked up any Zeus tokens yet. This lost them both 2 pestige points (VPs to normal gamers!)

Strategies then started to emerge in the game, and everyone started to choose a track to build a wonder. By sheer fluke, one track was soley military and even had the military bonus against it, team Tufty/Martin spotted this early and proved to be very useful as the game went on.

It's fair to say as the game progressed, Robin seemed to be getting pestige points and all the 'good' offerings from the gods. On the flip side, Geoff managed to have the 'wrath' from the gods and the game really did hate him!

Andy, played a very quiet game, I really didn't see or notice what he was doing, other than looking over at his area once and noticing the typical build up of resources before a mamouth take of all key items (or titles) in a game. I on the other hand decided that team tufty/Martin looked too strong and decided to attack the strongest military team, it was certainly fun to put a couple of spanners in the work but in the long run it was me who was getting conquered!!

With the final actions taken (or not), the scoring was totalled up which caused some very anxious people! Final scoring

Andy: 49
Robin: 48
tufty/Martin: 47
Pete: 44
Geoff: 38

We then went on to play 2 of the 3 rounds of Mai-Star. All of us learnt the rules on the fly and then we all started to attract advertisers and guests to our Geishas!! Geoff had a much better game this time, piling on the points in the first round while everyone else was either still learning the rules, or being picked on (sorry Andy).

Final scores (ish)
Geoff: 30
Tufty: 7
Martin: -4