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Game of Thrones LCG and a Long Overdue Ranking Update

posted 28 Sep 2011, 01:58 by Geoff Gibbs
Last night saw our first 4-player game of the Game of Thrones card game.

The game was... interesting.

Dave (House Stark) and Myself (House Baratheon) took an early lead, while Robin (House Lannister) was left with nothing after the first turn.

About half-way through I had fallen by the wayside and was struggling to hold any power, while Pete (House Targaryen)  had caught up with Dave. Robin continues to struggle to keep any characters in play.

By then end of the game I had pretty much lost all my power. Robin managed to grab some power for himself towards the end. Dave almost reached his goal, but peaked at 13 power. Pete swooped in with a final assault and doubled his power to win the game.

The rankings have been updated (the first time since we moved) to reflect these results.