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Defenders of the Realm

posted 24 Nov 2010, 00:39 by Geoff Gibbs

Tufty and I played (and lost) Defenders of the Realm this week.

A co-operative game, Defenders of the Realm consists of four evil generals and their minions working their way toward your home town, while you rush about like headless chickens trying to stop them. The game plays in a similar (but different enough) style to Pandemic and features what I described as "Elmore-like" artwork by, it turns out, Elmore.

In this particular game session Tufty took on the role of the Paladin with his horse, for faster movement, and his armour, for deflecting a single hit each turn. Meanwhile, I became the Rogue with the ability to hide from my enemies and weedle more information out of the locals down the pub.

As the game began, we set off from our home town to complete our respective quests (which granted rewards that could help us later) and to collect hero cards (which are used to move quicker or defeat the generals) and after a couple of days adventuring, we decided we were ready to face our first general, the red guy (the real name eludes me right now). As we faced up against Mr Red we played our cards and rolled our dice and cheered as we cut him down...

... or so we thought. Another look at the rules and we realised we had missed a key step in the combat, the generals special rules. As he rose from the grave and we prepared ourselves to fight once more, his special rule relieved us of a number of our cards and we then failed to roll anywhere near as well as the first time. The result: sent home with our tails between our legs and no cards to continue the fight.

From here we made decent progress, by visiting pubs I was able to stock up on cards ready to fight generals while Tufty held the minions at bay. We took down Mr Black with little trouble, then Mr Blue as he got close to home. Mr Green proved a little tricky as he made it to the doorstep and took more than one attempt to beat, but by chipping away at him we stopped him from healing while we collected what we needed to deliver the killing blow.

Unfortunately our previous error with Mr Red proved our undoing. As we were celebrating the slaying of Mr Green, Mr Red invaded our home town and we lost the game.

Overall a good game that proved to be pretty tense from about turn four. I hope to see it at the club again soon, and with more players I hope to beat it.