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Day of Gaming III

posted 3 May 2011, 03:06 by Geoff Gibbs
Note: This report is a very quick summary until I can find the time to finish it. -- Geoff

Last Saturday saw the 3rd gathering of gamers at my house for a Day of Gaming!

The morning kicked off with coffee, pastries and Dominant Species, a game involving hex-tiles, dobbers, cubes and cones. In attendance for the first game were Andy, Pete, Robin, Matt and myself (Geoff).

A quick game of Seven Wonders followed, to break things up before we set out to conquer the Small World. The hordes of gypsies proved to be particularly effective. During this game Tufty appeared with iPad to provide pictures.

The only game of the day with all six players was Bohnanza, where beanz meanz, err, pointz.

Andy took his leave as we broke out A Touch of Evil, where we worked together to defeat the evil vampire and his minions. After a near miss, we actually managed to achieve that goal.

Carcassonne was opened next, as we tried to get to grips with the version of field scoring detailed in my copy of the rules.

An interesting game of Dominion was up next, where Tufty complained more than once that "Geoff isn't playing it right".

A game of Ticket to Ride: Marklin ended the evening and led to perhaps the most cursing of the day as various routes were blocked at inconvenient moments.