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posted 5 Apr 2011, 03:30 by Geoff Gibbs
After a false start with London (Tony turned up and made the player count 5), we played a rather competitive game of Caylus.

After explaining the rules, Andy kicked things off and the building began, with most players grabbing cubes as quickly as possible, while I (Geoff) went to the pub. In the second turn most people started building the castle, except Robin and myself (I spent more time in the pub) who started work on some new buildings for the road. From there the building started in earnest. Throughout the game money was short, but with each player taking a slightly different approach the game was hard-fought all the way through.

Eventually, with only a few points in it the final placements were:
  1. Andy
  2. Robin
  3. Geoff
  4. Pete
  5. Tony