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Alien Frontiers and Trans Europa

posted 10 May 2011, 00:46 by Geoff Gibbs
This week started off with Pete, Robin, Tony and Myself (Geoff) trying out the dice rolling game Alien Frontiers. Each player is allocated some dice representing their fleet (each die is a ship), they then roll the dice and can use the ships to take actions described on the board. Victory points are allocated based on certain states (such as controlling a territory) and can be lost just as easily as earned if the state changes (as I found through personal experience).
The game remained fairly close for most of the time, the fact that anyone who got too far ahead could be picked on and forced to lose points helped to keep in close.
With simple mechanics, some good looking components and cut-throat gameplay, this is sure to make a return.

Following Alien Frontiers, and Tony's departure, Pete, Robin and I went on to play Trans Europa. Yet another train-game, Trans Europa involves building tracks to connect cities (a bit like Ticket to Ride without the train cards). A simple game, but a key strategy evolved, avoid cities that aren't yours and avoid connecting to another's track until the last possible moment.

  • Alien Frontiers: Pete, Tony, Robin, Geoff
  • Trans Europa: Robin, Geoff, Pete