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8/11/11 Mundus Novus and Dragons Gold

posted 9 Nov 2011, 02:03 by Peter Jackson
Finally the other half of the group got to play this Essen release game (the game was played the previous week but shamefully I didn't create a report for it). I have to say that I'm seriously impressed with the amount of depth to the game considering it has two decks of cards and a few tokens. Ok, it's no L5R, but it's a great game with many paths to win and such a well thought through set of mechanics as well as layers of complexity. I completely missed this game when the list of Essen games were being announced thick and fast, this game was well picked up/spotted by Andy!

As for the events of the evening. Everyone started off quite slowly, being dictated by the current conditions on the game (superb mechanic that), one area to score points from resources was rendered ineffective by the game conditions, and was something that I completely forgot about one round when I made a nice little stash of resources (5 or 6), and instead of getting up to 10 money, I ended up getting 1. As the game started to click with people, some clear strategies became clear. One person went after ships and commanders, I went after money (once I increased my hand size slightly), others were creating an engine to amass big points late on (a typical tactic of Andy's), but the winner went for the get 1-9 and a gold strategy! He got it while I was on 71, just 4 points away from winning! Annoyingly I think he knew that I was close to this game winning condition and therefore made the victory even more worth while! Fair play to him (well until he's Sheriff again in Bang!)

Time to bring out Dragons Gold ...

Another Essen release game, or in fact it's a re-release game.

This is a game of confrontation and chaos, and certainly not everyone's cup of tea.

The premise for the game is very clever and the execution is equally impressive.

You have heroes to fight the dragons and then you split the rewards. The rewards need to be split with mutual consent and within a time limit!

My problem is that I either didn't always agree, or got a particular gem that I didn't want. My frustrations level rose a little, but then it's not really a game to take too seriously. One reason not to get too involved with your turn/state is the random (seriously random) event cards that you can play on each other. There really is some bizarre stuff you can do on opponents! One card that I picked up stated that you could steal treasure from the centre pile as long as no one else saw! WHAT! But, some of the tricks are very amusing and the game certainly was entertaining because of those cards, I really do feel that the game would be dry without them.

The game went down well, but I can see people shying away from it at times (or maybe that might be just me!)