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22/11/11 The comic super-heroes go to town ...

posted 23 Nov 2011, 00:58 by Peter Jackson   [ updated 23 Nov 2011, 00:58 ]
Board Game: Sentinels of the Multiverse [Average Rating:7.61 Overall Rank:1100 - as of 22/11/11]

Played: 22/11/11

Plays: 2

After a slighlty late start, (I think myself and Robin thought we'd end up alone and finding a PvP game to continue our rivally on!) Dave and James turned up along with a new member, Chris.

Our first game of Sentinels included, Dave as Legacy, Chris as Fanatic, Pete as Absolute Zero, Robin as Bunker, and James as Tempest.

We decided to fight against Baron Blade on 'easy' mode, though it didn't sound that easy. Oh and we fought in some Jurasic world!

The theme in this game is excellent, though we soon realised that each character did have a unique feel and I was struggling to come to terms with the idea of damaging myself and not the opponent (I clearly didn't have the right cards in my hand to deflect the damage!).

It actually turned out that the Baron wasn't too difficult, espcially as Bunker had setup a small gun barrage from every possible place within his suit!

So with Victory in sight, Absolute Zero decided take go for a massive hit on Baron and Bunker (who said we should fight together) ... and when Bunker got his go that round he also went for multiple targets!!! So, with Baron dead, the earth saved, and super heroes 'almost' back on speaking terms, we went for a 2nd game!

This time we went up against some guy called Voss, again on 'easy' setting, this fight took place in Mars, and the heroes were, Dave was Legacy once more (though he did take a most of the damage in the last game, and we let him!), James was the Wraith, Chris was Fanatic (who seems a tad awesome), Robin was Bunker (a character which looks a lot of fun to play) and I was Ra!

This time we had Minion overload and all of us were balancing health and waves of troublesome Minions! I think it took all of us a while to gather enough power attack and defence to move all the minions out the way, but then really go to town on Voss. With time running out in the evening, we just defeated him!

Overall the games 'could' of gone a lot quicker, but in truth it wouldn't of been such a fun game, with every new power and ability being added to everyone's hand, we all shared in discovering new abilities. This game has shot up to rival any other co-op game I've played or own!!