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World War VI [31/03/2012]

posted 1 Apr 2012, 07:21 by Geoff Gibbs

Spoilers (Again)!!

No point explaining. This far into the campaign, things are different.

World War VI began with four of the political factions ready to fight.
  • Imperial Balkania, from Eastern Australia, led by General Geoff Gibbs
  • Die Mechaniker from Venezuela, led by General Robin Cox
  • Khan Industries, from Scandinavia, led by General David McGill
  • Enclave of the Bear, from South Africa, led by General Pete Jackson
A mission was set to all General to gain Great Britain, hold it until it produced resources and then found the World Capital.
Right from the start, the world was changed as Eastern Australia suffered from a Bio Hazard and mercenaries were discovered in South Africa.
From the start of the war, Imperial Balkania moved to forge a path North, through the North Eastern continent across the North Western continent and into Northern Dave. Die Mechaniker moved North to take the North Western continent cutting off Imperial Balkanian forces in Northern Dave from their HQ in U.S.S.A. Khan Industries moved South fighting through Enclave of the Bear in the Southern continent to take their HQ, while Enclave of the Bear moved North to take the HQ of Khan Industries.
Die Mechaniker looked ready to make a major strike when disaster struck and riots in minor cities across the globe caused the death of numerous troops. Due to the riots, Die Mechaniker lost control of both the North Western continent and Southern Frosty, leading to a vast reduction in resources. While Die Mechaniker regained control of key cities, a bio hazard was discovered in Russion and Enclave of the Bear retook its home HQ and finally ended the war, founding Gotham City on the site of the victory.