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World War V [31/03/2012]

posted 1 Apr 2012, 06:59 by Geoff Gibbs

Spoiler Alert

If you care, stop reading.
The spoiler is in the summary, so I'm giving as much notice as I can.


World War V began with three political factions ready to fight and mutants rising from the nuclear fallout (nuclear war has consequences).
  • Mutants, from New Guinea, led by General David McGill
  • Khan Industries, from Great Britain, led by General Pete Jackson
  • Imperial Balkania, from Argentina, led by General Geoff Gibbs
  • Enclave of the Bear, from Chin, led by General Robin Cox
Khan Industries grabbed Northern Dave to take advantage of the additional resources it provided, while the Mutants and Enclave of the Bear fought bitterly over U.S.S.A. and the Southern shores of North Eastern continent. Unopposed, Imperial Balkania grabbed Southern Frosty and started to make moves into the North Western continent.

Following a few minor battles Khan Industries struck at both Mutants and Enclave of the Bear, weakened from fighting one another, taking both HQs and claiming a quick victory, leaving the other generals stunned and the sudden cessation of hostilities.

In the aftermath, the Mutants found their first city: Mutopia, while Great Britain is Fortified against future assaults.