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World War IV [31/03/2012]

posted 1 Apr 2012, 06:44 by Geoff Gibbs
World War IV began with four factions ready to fight.
  • Khan Industries, from South East Asia, led by General David McGill
  • Die Mechaniker, from Argentina, led by General Pete Jackson
  • Saharan Republic, from Scandinavia, led by General Geoff Gibbs
  • Imperial Balkania, from East Africa, led by General Robin Cox

Spoiler Alert!

Things happened in this war. Big things. Earth-shattering things. If you don't want to know about the content of the "Three Missiles" packet, don't read the article.

Khan Industries and Die Mechaniker both started strong, taking a continent for their own and then moving to fight over the North East continent. During an assault by Die Mechaniker from Middle East into India, both sides launched missiles in an attempt to win the conflict. In an unexpected move, Imperial Balkania launched a nuclear missile into the fray practically destroying India in the process.
India is now a Fallout Zone and all troops in the combat were instantly incinerated, while many of the troops in the surrounding areas , belonging to both Khan Industries and Die Mechaniker, were also killed in the fallout. Imperial Balkania is labelled Bringer of Nuclear Fire by the global community.
Following the nuclear strike, Saharan Republic and Imperial Balkania take advantage of the losses suffered by Die Mechaniker and Khan Industries to increase their own strength and retake lost land. Saharan Republic strikes out against the weakened Khan Industries, fighting though poorly occupied territories to reach and conquer the HQ, before finally moving against Imperial Balkania's HQ and taking control to win the war.

General Geoff Gibbs names the South East continent as U.S.S.A. While the cities of Davezilla and Mos Eisley are founded.

The world has been changed forever following the use of nuclear weapons, changing humanity itself as mutants begin to emerge from the rubble...