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World War III [27/03/2012]

posted 1 Apr 2012, 06:17 by Geoff Gibbs
World War III began with all five major factions in dispute.
  • Khan Industries, from South East Asia, led by General David McGill
  • Enclave of the Bear, from Alaska, led by General Geoff Gibbs
  • Die Mechaniker, from Venezuela, led by General Robin Cox
  • Saharan Republic, from Egypt, led by General Andy Gordon
  • Imperial Balkania, from Great Britain, led by General Pete Jackson
The war began as Khan Industries took the South East continent and quickly started moving into the North Eastern continent. Fearing the approach of Die Mechaniker, Enclave of the Bear moved to take and hold the North West continent. In retalliation Die Mechaniker took the South West continent and reinforced its borders to the North and East. The Saharan Republic occupied the Southern continent, wary of attack from Saharan Republic or Imperial Balkania. Imperial Balkanin moved to solidify its control of Northern Dave.

Numerous minor scuffles broke out on the various borders while Khan Industries continued to expand both North and West. Die Mechaniker found itself in trouble as it was assaulted from both sides by Enclave of the Bear and Saharan Republic.
Saharan Republic was itself attacked on the Eastern front by Khan Industries and lost most of the South Continent, including their HQ. Khan Industries finally gained control of the whole of the North Eastern Continent, granting a huge tactical advantage from the troops it provided. Khan Industries invaded Enclave of the Bear's HQ in the North Western continent, then,
in a big push, attempted the complete elimination of both Enclave of the Bear and Saharan Republic, failing in both cases with just one unit remaining of each. After almost being wiped out, Enclave of the Bear regained its HQ from Khan Industries before Die Mechaniker made a sudden strike at the Saharan Republic HQ, taking it and winning the war.

The South West continent was renamed Southern Frosty by the victor, General Robin Cox, and an era of regeneration began with the founding of numerous new cities: Alaskameself in Alaska, Stronghold of Dave in Southeast Asia, Move It in Madagascar and Birds Eye in Iceland.