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World War II [24/03/2012]

posted 27 Mar 2012, 15:02 by Geoff Gibbs
The second global war on Earth #00007885 broke out soon after the first.
  • Die Mechaniker, from Indonesia, led by General Geoff Gibbs
  • Khan Industries, from Russia, led by General Tufty McTavish
  • Imperial Balkania, from Ontario, led by General Martin Sage
  • Enclave of the Bear, from Madagascar, led by General Pete Jackson
Spoiler Alert: This game resulted in the opening of one of the sealed packets, if you don't want to know about the content, avoid reading this report.

Die Mechaniker started things off, by quickly taking the South East continent and started to advance North from there. Khan Industries made a push to grab control of Northern Dave. Imperial Balkania moved to control most of the North West continent, while Enclave of the Bear joined the conflict in the Southern Continent. Each of the forces moved quickly to strengthen their hold on their starting continents, with Die Mechaniker spreading north to control the North East continent and Imperial Balkania moving South to take the South West continent.

After a few minor skirmishes over the borders Pete Jackson declared his intent to eliminate Die Mechaniker and rallied for support from his fellow generals. Shortly after, Khan Industries reinforced it's border with Die Mechaniker and made a sudden and decisive strike into the heart of enemy territory and took the HQ, dividing the enemy forces in the process.

With General McTavish close to victory, Imperial Balkania took advantage of the disruption to Die Mechaniker and managed to eliminate them completely. Die Mechaniker, however, managed to unlock the technology to mobilize its HQ in future battles, while reports of mercenaries were received. Following the destruction of Die Mechaniker, the Enclave of the Bear moved quickly to strike at the weakened Khan Industries and claim victory.

As the dust of war settled, rebuilding began, with the cities of Caprica and Paprika founded in Great Britain and Peru respectively, while investment in Indonesia was used to offset the effect of an ammo shortage.