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World War I [20/03/2012]

posted 20 Mar 2012, 16:45 by Geoff Gibbs

Four armies rose up to fight the first world war on Earth #00007885 war.
  • Khan Industries, from Southeast Asia, led by General Dave McGill
  • Die Mechaniker, from Northern Europe, led by General Anthony Morris
  • Imperial Balkania, from Brazil, led by General Geoff Gibbs
  • Saharan Republic, from Kamchatka, led by General Pete Jackson
While Khan Industries moved quickly to take the, as yet unnamed, South Eastern continent and Imperial Balkania took the South Western continent. Die Mechaniker dug in on the Northern continent while Sahara Republic make tentative progress into the Western continent.

Imperial Balkania quickly invaded and captured the Southern continent, while both Khan Industries and Sahara Republic made inroads into the Western continent.

Khan Industries and Sahara Republic faced off across the borders, neither wanting to provoke the other. Instead, Khan Industries made moves towards Die Mechanica on the Northern continent while Sahara Republic moved into the North Eastern continent, threatening the borders of Imperial Balkania. Die Mechaniker continued to reinforce its borders.

Khan Industries and Sahara Republic refused to budge on their shared border, but both made skirmishes into Imperial Balkania territory. Facing attacks from both sides, Imperial Balkania fought back attempting to regain lost territory.

After a number of small skirmishes back and forth across the Imperial Balkania borders, a strike force from Imperial Balkania forced its way through the border of Die Mechaniker and struck at their HQ in the key location of Northern Europe. The strike proved successful and a small force of Imperial Balkania troops held the enemy HQ as Khan Industries tried to take advance of the strike to take the HQ for themselves. A single trooper held onto the HQ against overwhelming odds and two separate attacks, only to fall in a final assault by Die Mechaniker to retake their HQ.

A final push by Khan Industries took the Northern Europe HQ once more and from this key location General Dave McGill accepted the surrender of his opponents and terms were agreed.

As a mark of his victory, General Dave McGill proclaimed that henceforth the Northern continent be known as "Northern Dave". In honour of the brave trooper who single-handedly defended Northern Europe against far larger attacking forces, the minor city of "Hero's Stand" was founded in Northern Europe.

As a site of many major conflicts, Southern Europe received monetary aid from many sources following the war boosting its value, while the fact that Great Britain remained a secure location throughout the conflict meant that it's economy improved.