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At this point in the campaign, there are a lot of spoilers. If you are still unaware of the content of those packets in the Risk Legacy box, you are probably better off not reading these articles.

Over One year Later...

posted 20 Nov 2013, 05:13 by Geoff Gibbs

Yesterday saw the first playing of Risk Legacy for over a year.

Andy, Geoff, Martin and Pete battled it out for world domination with Geoff winning the game.

Pete scored the moral victory by finally placing 31 troops in one turn with a missile that triggered the opening of a sealed box. The contents were surprising, to say the least...

World War VI [31/03/2012]

posted 1 Apr 2012, 07:21 by Geoff Gibbs

Spoilers (Again)!!

No point explaining. This far into the campaign, things are different.

World War VI began with four of the political factions ready to fight.
  • Imperial Balkania, from Eastern Australia, led by General Geoff Gibbs
  • Die Mechaniker from Venezuela, led by General Robin Cox
  • Khan Industries, from Scandinavia, led by General David McGill
  • Enclave of the Bear, from South Africa, led by General Pete Jackson
A mission was set to all General to gain Great Britain, hold it until it produced resources and then found the World Capital.
Right from the start, the world was changed as Eastern Australia suffered from a Bio Hazard and mercenaries were discovered in South Africa.
From the start of the war, Imperial Balkania moved to forge a path North, through the North Eastern continent across the North Western continent and into Northern Dave. Die Mechaniker moved North to take the North Western continent cutting off Imperial Balkanian forces in Northern Dave from their HQ in U.S.S.A. Khan Industries moved South fighting through Enclave of the Bear in the Southern continent to take their HQ, while Enclave of the Bear moved North to take the HQ of Khan Industries.
Die Mechaniker looked ready to make a major strike when disaster struck and riots in minor cities across the globe caused the death of numerous troops. Due to the riots, Die Mechaniker lost control of both the North Western continent and Southern Frosty, leading to a vast reduction in resources. While Die Mechaniker regained control of key cities, a bio hazard was discovered in Russion and Enclave of the Bear retook its home HQ and finally ended the war, founding Gotham City on the site of the victory.

World War V [31/03/2012]

posted 1 Apr 2012, 06:59 by Geoff Gibbs

Spoiler Alert

If you care, stop reading.
The spoiler is in the summary, so I'm giving as much notice as I can.


World War V began with three political factions ready to fight and mutants rising from the nuclear fallout (nuclear war has consequences).
  • Mutants, from New Guinea, led by General David McGill
  • Khan Industries, from Great Britain, led by General Pete Jackson
  • Imperial Balkania, from Argentina, led by General Geoff Gibbs
  • Enclave of the Bear, from Chin, led by General Robin Cox
Khan Industries grabbed Northern Dave to take advantage of the additional resources it provided, while the Mutants and Enclave of the Bear fought bitterly over U.S.S.A. and the Southern shores of North Eastern continent. Unopposed, Imperial Balkania grabbed Southern Frosty and started to make moves into the North Western continent.

Following a few minor battles Khan Industries struck at both Mutants and Enclave of the Bear, weakened from fighting one another, taking both HQs and claiming a quick victory, leaving the other generals stunned and the sudden cessation of hostilities.

In the aftermath, the Mutants found their first city: Mutopia, while Great Britain is Fortified against future assaults.

World War IV [31/03/2012]

posted 1 Apr 2012, 06:44 by Geoff Gibbs

World War IV began with four factions ready to fight.
  • Khan Industries, from South East Asia, led by General David McGill
  • Die Mechaniker, from Argentina, led by General Pete Jackson
  • Saharan Republic, from Scandinavia, led by General Geoff Gibbs
  • Imperial Balkania, from East Africa, led by General Robin Cox

Spoiler Alert!

Things happened in this war. Big things. Earth-shattering things. If you don't want to know about the content of the "Three Missiles" packet, don't read the article.

Khan Industries and Die Mechaniker both started strong, taking a continent for their own and then moving to fight over the North East continent. During an assault by Die Mechaniker from Middle East into India, both sides launched missiles in an attempt to win the conflict. In an unexpected move, Imperial Balkania launched a nuclear missile into the fray practically destroying India in the process.
India is now a Fallout Zone and all troops in the combat were instantly incinerated, while many of the troops in the surrounding areas , belonging to both Khan Industries and Die Mechaniker, were also killed in the fallout. Imperial Balkania is labelled Bringer of Nuclear Fire by the global community.
Following the nuclear strike, Saharan Republic and Imperial Balkania take advantage of the losses suffered by Die Mechaniker and Khan Industries to increase their own strength and retake lost land. Saharan Republic strikes out against the weakened Khan Industries, fighting though poorly occupied territories to reach and conquer the HQ, before finally moving against Imperial Balkania's HQ and taking control to win the war.

General Geoff Gibbs names the South East continent as U.S.S.A. While the cities of Davezilla and Mos Eisley are founded.

The world has been changed forever following the use of nuclear weapons, changing humanity itself as mutants begin to emerge from the rubble...

World War III [27/03/2012]

posted 1 Apr 2012, 06:17 by Geoff Gibbs

World War III began with all five major factions in dispute.
  • Khan Industries, from South East Asia, led by General David McGill
  • Enclave of the Bear, from Alaska, led by General Geoff Gibbs
  • Die Mechaniker, from Venezuela, led by General Robin Cox
  • Saharan Republic, from Egypt, led by General Andy Gordon
  • Imperial Balkania, from Great Britain, led by General Pete Jackson
The war began as Khan Industries took the South East continent and quickly started moving into the North Eastern continent. Fearing the approach of Die Mechaniker, Enclave of the Bear moved to take and hold the North West continent. In retalliation Die Mechaniker took the South West continent and reinforced its borders to the North and East. The Saharan Republic occupied the Southern continent, wary of attack from Saharan Republic or Imperial Balkania. Imperial Balkanin moved to solidify its control of Northern Dave.

Numerous minor scuffles broke out on the various borders while Khan Industries continued to expand both North and West. Die Mechaniker found itself in trouble as it was assaulted from both sides by Enclave of the Bear and Saharan Republic.
Saharan Republic was itself attacked on the Eastern front by Khan Industries and lost most of the South Continent, including their HQ. Khan Industries finally gained control of the whole of the North Eastern Continent, granting a huge tactical advantage from the troops it provided. Khan Industries invaded Enclave of the Bear's HQ in the North Western continent, then,
in a big push, attempted the complete elimination of both Enclave of the Bear and Saharan Republic, failing in both cases with just one unit remaining of each. After almost being wiped out, Enclave of the Bear regained its HQ from Khan Industries before Die Mechaniker made a sudden strike at the Saharan Republic HQ, taking it and winning the war.

The South West continent was renamed Southern Frosty by the victor, General Robin Cox, and an era of regeneration began with the founding of numerous new cities: Alaskameself in Alaska, Stronghold of Dave in Southeast Asia, Move It in Madagascar and Birds Eye in Iceland.

World War II [24/03/2012]

posted 27 Mar 2012, 15:02 by Geoff Gibbs

The second global war on Earth #00007885 broke out soon after the first.
  • Die Mechaniker, from Indonesia, led by General Geoff Gibbs
  • Khan Industries, from Russia, led by General Tufty McTavish
  • Imperial Balkania, from Ontario, led by General Martin Sage
  • Enclave of the Bear, from Madagascar, led by General Pete Jackson
Spoiler Alert: This game resulted in the opening of one of the sealed packets, if you don't want to know about the content, avoid reading this report.

Die Mechaniker started things off, by quickly taking the South East continent and started to advance North from there. Khan Industries made a push to grab control of Northern Dave. Imperial Balkania moved to control most of the North West continent, while Enclave of the Bear joined the conflict in the Southern Continent. Each of the forces moved quickly to strengthen their hold on their starting continents, with Die Mechaniker spreading north to control the North East continent and Imperial Balkania moving South to take the South West continent.

After a few minor skirmishes over the borders Pete Jackson declared his intent to eliminate Die Mechaniker and rallied for support from his fellow generals. Shortly after, Khan Industries reinforced it's border with Die Mechaniker and made a sudden and decisive strike into the heart of enemy territory and took the HQ, dividing the enemy forces in the process.

With General McTavish close to victory, Imperial Balkania took advantage of the disruption to Die Mechaniker and managed to eliminate them completely. Die Mechaniker, however, managed to unlock the technology to mobilize its HQ in future battles, while reports of mercenaries were received. Following the destruction of Die Mechaniker, the Enclave of the Bear moved quickly to strike at the weakened Khan Industries and claim victory.

As the dust of war settled, rebuilding began, with the cities of Caprica and Paprika founded in Great Britain and Peru respectively, while investment in Indonesia was used to offset the effect of an ammo shortage.

World War I [20/03/2012]

posted 20 Mar 2012, 16:45 by Geoff Gibbs

Four armies rose up to fight the first world war on Earth #00007885 war.
  • Khan Industries, from Southeast Asia, led by General Dave McGill
  • Die Mechaniker, from Northern Europe, led by General Anthony Morris
  • Imperial Balkania, from Brazil, led by General Geoff Gibbs
  • Saharan Republic, from Kamchatka, led by General Pete Jackson
While Khan Industries moved quickly to take the, as yet unnamed, South Eastern continent and Imperial Balkania took the South Western continent. Die Mechaniker dug in on the Northern continent while Sahara Republic make tentative progress into the Western continent.

Imperial Balkania quickly invaded and captured the Southern continent, while both Khan Industries and Sahara Republic made inroads into the Western continent.

Khan Industries and Sahara Republic faced off across the borders, neither wanting to provoke the other. Instead, Khan Industries made moves towards Die Mechanica on the Northern continent while Sahara Republic moved into the North Eastern continent, threatening the borders of Imperial Balkania. Die Mechaniker continued to reinforce its borders.

Khan Industries and Sahara Republic refused to budge on their shared border, but both made skirmishes into Imperial Balkania territory. Facing attacks from both sides, Imperial Balkania fought back attempting to regain lost territory.

After a number of small skirmishes back and forth across the Imperial Balkania borders, a strike force from Imperial Balkania forced its way through the border of Die Mechaniker and struck at their HQ in the key location of Northern Europe. The strike proved successful and a small force of Imperial Balkania troops held the enemy HQ as Khan Industries tried to take advance of the strike to take the HQ for themselves. A single trooper held onto the HQ against overwhelming odds and two separate attacks, only to fall in a final assault by Die Mechaniker to retake their HQ.

A final push by Khan Industries took the Northern Europe HQ once more and from this key location General Dave McGill accepted the surrender of his opponents and terms were agreed.

As a mark of his victory, General Dave McGill proclaimed that henceforth the Northern continent be known as "Northern Dave". In honour of the brave trooper who single-handedly defended Northern Europe against far larger attacking forces, the minor city of "Hero's Stand" was founded in Northern Europe.

As a site of many major conflicts, Southern Europe received monetary aid from many sources following the war boosting its value, while the fact that Great Britain remained a secure location throughout the conflict meant that it's economy improved.

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