posted 29 Nov 2015, 08:23 by Geoff Gibbs
COdA has mutated once more. It has now become untreatable using normal methods. We have had to resort to quarantining cities to keep things under control. To this end, we have been joined by Quarantine Specialist Betty, an old colleague, and rival, of Dwight.

Our funding has been increased once more, but we have reports of new outbreaks. It seems January's problems may not be over yet.


Betty has been incredibly efficient, quarantining any city that looks like it may suffer an outbreak. Her rivalry with Dwight may actually be an advantage to us all as they each attempt to one-up each other. Unlike January, things seem to be under control with Betty looking likely to cure Red. Not to be outdone, Dwight is paused to not only cure, but also eradicate, Blue.


With Red now cured and the newly named Blue Man Flu eradicated, Catherine can focus on completing the cure for Bubonic Dave.


It's all over. I can't quite believe it. We have cured the three main diseases, and managed to do it without a single outbreak in February.

-- From the journal of Zhu Li, Researcher

Early February: Won
- Geoff as Medic Dwight
- Martin as Quarantine Specialist Betty
- Tony as Scientist Catherine