Descent II: The Shadow Rune

It has been two years since the fall of Tamalir to the Spider Queen and she continues to tighten her grip on the land of Terrinoth. Small pockets of resistance still fight for freedom and the once peaceful town of Aryhnn has become a base of operations for the ever-growing rebellion. Preparing defences against an attack by the Spider Queen and her minions, Arhynn and Baron Greigory are not prepared for an attack from an unknown enemy.

A new Overlord is rising from the dark...

Castle Daerion

posted 4 Apr 2013, 12:28 by Geoff Gibbs

Our intrepid band of heroes arrived at Daerintown too late to save it from the hoards of the Overlord. Only moments after arriving, they witnessed the slaughter of the remaining villagers and were forced to chase the Overlord's minions into Castle Daerion itself and attempt to save Sir Palamon from Sir Alric Farrow, the Black Knight and lieutenant of the Overlord.

Unfortunately, the heroes delayed to fight the welcoming committee of Dark Priests, giving the main attacking force time to organise and strike against Sir Palamon as a single unit. Reinforcements arrived too late to make any difference and the Overlord reigned victorious.

Dejected, the heroes returned to Arhynn once more, only to be sent to investigate why no shipments have been received from the silver mines in the Carthmounts...

First Blood

posted 26 Feb 2013, 15:00 by Geoff Gibbs

Returning from a routine scouting mission to the North of Arhynn, Laughin Buldar (Dave), Laurel of Bloodwood (Alex), Okaluk and Rakash (Robin) and Zyla (Martin) interrupt an ambush by the Ettin Mauler and his goblin minions. Who, having dealt with the guard, were making their way toward the secret path into Arhynn.

After an initial assault by Mauler and and his kin rendered Laughin unconscious, our heroes soon fought back and turned the tables on their enemies. Though the heroes fell repeatedly, they continued to rise and fight allowing only two goblins to pass and head towards Arhynn before Mauler was finally laid low.

Licking their wounds, the heroes returned to Arhynn to find those goblins that escaped them had been dispatched by the town guard. Baron Greigory suggest that the heroes seek out Sir Palamon at Castle Daerion as he knows the area, and it's evils, better than anyone and may be able to shed some light on who or what was responsible for the ambush.

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