The Further Final Scribbles of Grandeur of Methrein AKA the (mis)adventures of the Talons.

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Episodes 7&8: (Two for the price of one, it’s a BOGOF adventure.)

Fights, Farewells, Feisty Femmes and Food Part 1

Staring in Episode 7:
Andy as Methrein the Goliath Warden
Geoff as Levin the Kobold (who thinks he’s an Elf) Warlord
Tony as Keira the Human Cleric
Tufty as Tufty the Half-Elf Sorcerer
Matt as Galadin the Eladrin Wizard
Robin as Claw the Razorclaw Shifter Ranger

When we last left our intrepid (inept) adventurers, they had just
found the lair of the evil drake lord Bejik and were about to break in
following the D&D step by step guide book, it goes.

Step 1: Open the large trap door
Step 2: Climb down into the big pit of doom. (This is yet another
chance for Keira to show off her falling skills, sorry climbing
Step 3: Hunt for traps, or as the Talons do it use Levin the walking
trap detector to find them for them. At this point Levin lights a
touch, takes two steps down the corridor and then stops dead. Green
gas appears, is Levin scared, Oh no it’s a trap! The detector has done
its job.

At this point some indecision happens, a common occurrence with the
Talons. Galadin teleports past the trap then waits for everybody else
to get through it, whilst being helpful by using grumpy sarcasm to aid
the helpless Levin. Claw, Keira and Tufty decide wait for the gas to
dissipate. Methrein sort of helps Levin by bull-rushing him though the
remaining traps. At this point Galadin makes the grand announcement
that he is to take on the role as group curmudgeon, we thought you all
ready were came the groups response.

The gas still is not dissipating.

Now that Levin and the torch as made it past the gas, he, Galadin and
Methrein can see that they are in the underground foundations of a
massive collapsed tower, with broken statues and walls all over the
shop. All the others can see is green gas which is still not

Suddenly it all goes very dark as all the torches go out, then
Methrein gets hit, hard, very hard. Levin relights the torch to see
Methrein getting hit by the following, arrows from somewhere up high,
an angry ghost of a Dragonborn lady, and Bejik the evil drake lord.

The gas still is not dissipating.

Claw runs though the gas cloud to help Methrein, Keria closely
following behind. Tufty waits a bit morefor the gas to dissipate
(Tufty to Matt, well I am Sorcerer after all.). Galadin takes a swipe
at the ghost, then realises that she is the one mentioned in the
family tree we found last month and is being tricked into helping the
big bad Bejik. So he in his own unique way explains this by going “OY
YOU read this” this is the edited family friendly PG version of
events. The ghost stops hitting Methrein for a bit of a read. After a
bit more “conversation” with Galadin the Ghost joins the good(ish)

The gas still is not dissipating.

Tufty tired of waiting for the gas to dissipate runs through it and
finally joins in the fight, only to be attacked by a friendly baby
drake, which starts to bite him repeatedly. Levin shoots at the baby
drake and finally after what seems like months the “elf” hits it. The
dice are rolled for a massive 2 damage! Well worth the wait! Tufty
must have baby drake nip in his pocket as it continues to chase him
around the tower. After a while Levin uses his word of inspiration on
Tufty, it goes something along the lines of avoid the cute baby drake,
please, pretty please. It doesn’t work Tufty and the baby drake
continue to play together. Eventually Tufty kills it.

While back at the other fight, the Ghost, Claw and Methrein are
attacking Bejik with varying degrees of failure. Keria and Galadin are
providing healing support and again with varying degrees of failure
shooting at the snipers. Then there’s are great cry and then silence
as 2 arrows slam into Methrein (Natural 20 from the GM) killing him
outright no chance of saves.

Moment of silence for Methrein our fallen hero.

A moment passes.

Right back to the fight………………it goes on and on and on and on and on,
you get the idea.

Episode 7 part II: This time it’s more. AKA episode 8
Fights, Farewells, Feisty Femmes and Food Part 2

Andy as Danni the Human Rogue
Geoff as Levin the Kobold (who thinks he’s an Elf) Warlord
Tony as Keira the Human Cleric
Robin as Claw the Razorclaw Shifter Ranger

Danni who’s on a mission to find her sister, a member of the missing
Storm crows, has been sent by the Raven queen to aid our intrepid
heroes arrives, after several days of hard travelling, finds them in
the middle of a fight, so being the angry violent young lady she is
jumps straight into the fray. First off she runs straight through the
gas cloud that still hasn’t dissipated to see Claw and a Dragonborn
ghost attacking the big evil Bejik’s drake. So she throws a dagger
(one of many) at the drake and hurts it big time (thanks to a natural

Meanwhile Levin is being shot at by the snipers, so shoots back and
(un)surprisingly misses. Keria runs off to help him. Levin looks
through a window to find a Dragonborn sniper also looking through it,
awkward, Levin shoots at him misses (again barn doors spring to mind),
then hides next to an open door, cunning plan that, the Dragonborn
sniper walks thought the door and hits Levin. Keria heals Levin, and
then a complicated set of “Levin Manoeuvres” ensue (AKA shift, shoot,
miss and run). Levin asks Keria to join in with the fight. So keria
helps by trying to shoot the enemy again with the same success as

With yet another natural 20 rolled with combat advantage and
backstabbing bonuses, Danni turns the drake into a large red mist.
Claw and the ghostly lady turn their attention to the big bad himself,
Claw takes quite a pounding. Then Danni with a sly flourish turns him
into more red mist thanks to the bonuses provided by the flanking

After a bit more faffing around the others with some assistance from
Claw and Danni finish off the remaining snipers. Whilst the others
stop for a rest, Danni goes on a bit of a looting session and finds:

1*Poison great spear +1
Amulet of Health +1 given to keira
A ritual book in Dragonic maybe she can’t read it so who knows
Wild runner boots +1 taken by Danni, as they go quite well with her

After even more faffing about Keria works out the drakes where being
tamed by a magic circle which she destroys and in the process finds a
letter written to Bejik. It goes Blah Blah Blah, you have won 1000000
gold coins, please send your bank details to.... Only joking it reads.

Your dedication to our cause is to be commended. I am, however still
short of the promised mounts.
My patience grows thin as plans need to be implemented. I will return
to check on your progress.
The larger beasts are to be trained first, ready for coming events.


Our heroes head back to the village of XXXXX for a celebratory beer or
three and some everlasting provisions (get Levin a nose bag for
decency‘s sake). They also find out a little more about the
disappearance of the Storm crows. The next day the head back to the
place where they met Methrein, which was the Storm crow’s base for a
little while, for some more exploring. Keria informs the others that
the house was searched before and nothing but a trap was found. Claw
and Levin decide to search the water tower so happily burnt by
Methrein, everybody goes a little misty eyed yet won’t admit it. Levin
with his usual style finds nothing Claw finds a secret passage

Levin the walking trap detector out front does his job and finds the
trap, this time the stairs down into the passage turn into a slide,
WEEEEEEE! Levin slides to the bottom and find himself surrounded by
drakes and Kencos (the strong blue lidded jar kind, not the wussy
decaffeinated green ones).

Danni runs down the slope to aid Levin, blinds and bloodies two of the
enemy in one stunning burst of controlled violence (hate to see her
when she’s really angry). Claw rushes in after her and sets to work on
the blinded foes, Keira brings up the rear and for once gets involved
with some combat, to every bodies surprise she’s not that bad with a
quarter staff. Then for the first time, Levin comes out of his scales
and proves he’s the elf we know him (not) to be and his true
leadership skills come out, Claw and Danni are moved, shifted and
given many extra attacks, much death of evil bad guys occurs and by
the end of it even Keira manages to claim a kill.

Now then; Which door out of the three in front of us to chose from
will bring gold beyond our wildest dreams, that or the Storm crows,
hopefully door number 2 won’t be a Hot Spot (random game show
reference time).Tune in next week, same bat time, same bat channel

Next time we open Danni’s Diary: My misspent