Session 34 - One Small Step for Dwarf...

posted 6 Aug 2012, 01:16 by Geoff Gibbs
The group wake up and decide to go do some shopping in Wyrmcrest Fort. At the store they learn of strange dealings at the warehouse, so go there to investigate. After the group is told to mind their own business,  Danni sneaks into the warehouse to investigate. She finds crates of military supplies which have been put aside with the markings removed, so that they can be sold privately. When the dwarf guard goes to his office she follows to see what he is doing, then when he is drunk and helpless she goes to have a nose…..
…….  But comes to her senses 5 mins later with a dead dwarf in front of her and her dagger in his chest!!!
Ignoring what happened, she has a good look around, finding manifests which have been doctored and a scheduled pickup of goods by a passing merchant in a weeks time all signed by Lt. Stymers. She decides to return to the rest of the group at the avalanche inn and report what she has seen.
Meanwhile Dave goes to the Herbalist to see what he can find out and ends up buying some drugs and getting information about the Captain of the Garrison plus the recent saving of a ranchers daughter, who was brought back to the garrison after her family were wiped out by raiders.
Galadin decided to go to the barracks and find out who is in charge. He speaks to a grunt through the door and is told that Lt. Stymers is out on Patrol and that Capt. Revince is also out on assignment & not due back till tomorrow.
        Geoff’s dwarf meanwhile decided in his drunken state to go talk to one of the guards atop a watchtower. He climbs up 30’ to the top and speaks to a Tiefling guard by the name of Zanphist.  Zanphist tells him that he doesn’t trust Stymers, and he saw the Captain go into the Herbalist shop earlier in the day. So Geoff in his haste to get to the herbalist shop and investigate forgets where he is (in his drunken state) and steps off of the tower, falling 30’ to the ground below. He takes a hefty amount of damage, then gets up and staggers off along the road toward the herbalist’s. Witnessing his fall, Danni and Pelias come out and follow Geoff along the road. At the same time Galadin & Dave hear the commotion and return to the road to see the bruised and battered dwarf staggering along.
        Entering the herbalist shop and talking to Phil the proprietor, the group soon discern that he is lying and Geoff barges out into a back room and on through another door into a storeroom, as the other follow him more cautiously. Danni meanwhile decides to look around outside to see if there are any windows. There are only skylights in the roof, so she climbs up and looks down. When she sees Capt. Revince and a young lady in a back room she carefully opens the window and takes a pot shop at him.
Once the rest of the group enter the back room, a fight ensues during which the ‘young lady’ is revealed to be a succubus whoe has two spined devil allies hiding in an adjacent room. Danni is attacked by one of the devils when it flies up out of the roof window.
The fight ends when the succubus flies out of the roof window charms Danni and flies off, leaving the devils to be finished off by the group and Capt. Revince to come out of his enchanted state.