Session 33 : Back After a Prolonged Absence

posted 7 Jul 2012, 06:55 by Geoff Gibbs
As the final blow was struck at in the Crypts of Halcyon manor and all the bad guys were defeated, the group heaved a big sigh of relief. Then Danni walked over to the dying bad guys and did a strange sort of ritual with one of her daggers.  At first this went without too much comment until Galadin spotted that her eyes changed to black Orbs as she drew the last of the life force from the helpless enemies.

Slight confusion followed, while Danni finished off the bad guys and then turned her attention to the tied up Eladrin on the floor at the back of the crypt. Geoff's character immediately restrained her, while the others tried to talk her down. She came to her senses, just in time. Tony's new Eladrin Bard called Pelias, had only just survived his first encounter!!

Next the group looted the bodies and cleaned up the shrine to the Raven Queen & the wraith spirits of the Halcyon ancestors re-appeared asking to be freed, which the group did and earned the reward of the Halcyon family fortune and title deeds to the manor. (group HQ!)

Shortly after this the avatar of the Raven Queen appeared and granted blessings to those characters who re-affirmed their willingness to follow her (Geoff refused!)
During the ritual she gave a warning to Danni, who refused to listen and turned her
back on the Raven Queen losing her blessings. Leading the rest of the group to believe that she is under the influence of the crystal shard in her Blade.

After a long rest the group packed up and continued their journey into the Serpentcoil Mtns and Fort Wyrmcrest.
The journey involved 2 nights camping along the trail and several things of note occurred:-
- Furry rabbits and giant snakes,
- Wolverines ransack Tony's tent,
 - Other travellers meet the party and camp nearby, after narrowly avoiding open conflict.
- A skunk attacked Matt's tent, leaving a nasty smell.
 - Dave fell asleep during his watch & the camp was overrun by marching ants. Nobody was hurt thanks to Geoff waking up just in time.
 - Once the group realised what had happened, Dave was vilified unmercifully for the rest of the session.

Finally the group reached Fort Wyrmcrest and took lodging for the night, more fun and games occurred in the tavern when Dave lost his temper and tried to blast Geoff's character, getting himself arrested and thrown into a cell for the night......
…. Only to be freed by Danni.

The players decided to set some ground rules about character actions before packing up the session.