Andy’s Account of the session. Monday 18th October

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The continuing Hartveld saga. - Episode 3: Dice, Drakes, Daises and Dangerous winds


  • Andy as Methreinthe Goliath Warden
  • Geoff as Levin the Kobold (who thinks he’s an Elf) Warlord
  • Tony as Keira the Human Cleric
  • Tufty as Tufty the Half-Elf Sorcerer
  • Max as Harbek the Dwarf Fighter
  • And Martin as the long suffering GM!
Setting the tone for the night, picture the scene.
It’s setting up time for the nights roleplaying. Dice, paper and an iPad appear……
Geoff “Anybody got a pencil I’ve forgotten mine?”
Max offers him a black pencil with the all important rubber on top;
Andy offers a shiny clicky technical pencil. Geoff pauses for a brief moment before taking the clicky pencil.
Tufty “You tart! You prefer the clicky pencil!”
Andy to Tufty : “Says the man with an iPad!”

The newly crowned champions of Elkridge village (small hamlet really) are asked by Mavros the village elder to protect the
village from the attacking Drakes when in the middle of Mavros’s grand speech, a young child calls for help.
Levin runs off immediately to rescue his father from an attacking Drake.
Sighing loudly the others follow, as Methrein explains to Harbek that Levin is not a hated Kobald but is an Elf
who had (will do soon) an accident and now looks like a Kobald. (its only a small lie!)
The Heroes arrive at a small clearing to see a large unconscious man at a Warwing Drake’s feet.
The Drake is half heartedly pawing at him. After a while it is distracted by a pretty butterfly and wanders off.

Levin Arriving first heals the man, and tries to get him to return to his house
(not an easy thing to do when you’re Kobald shaped).
Tufty and Methrein decide to check out the Drake. Get those dice ready its STOP skill check time. You can’t roll that…….
Tufty: (Nature check - passes)
Notices that the Drake responds to food, but not daises, it’s a man’s Drake and wants meat.
Keira: Waits a while.
Methrein:(Athletics check – epic fail with a roll of 1 which is really a 13 with all the bonuses) Nothing.
Levin: (Stealth check) Jumps onto the back of the Drake (athletics check) then runs out of ideas, the drake not
happy with a small Kolbald (sorry Elf!) on has back has a strop and throws him off (failed strength check)
the party hear a cry of Kaptain Koballlllllllllllld as Levin flies off the far side of the Drake.
Harbek: (fails his check) Nothing.
Tufty: Waits a while.
Keira: (insight check – passes) Notices the Drake responds to authority.
Tufty: (intimidate check – passes) SIT!!!!!! This gets the Drakes attention
(The group decide Tufty must be using his Daises of command +1).
Methrein: (athletics check – passes) Grabs the Drakes reins to stop it flying off.
Levin: Passes after his brief unpowered flight.
Keira: (insight check – passes) Notices the Drake understands Draconic, shame the group can’t speak it.
She also notices it has saddle bags and the front leg is branded with the symbol of Zehir.
Harbek: Feeds the drake meat.
Tufty: Has a rummage around the saddle bags, finds a Dragon bone dagger
(worth 250GP our antiques expert tells us AKA the GM), a potion of healing, a tonic of anti venom.

After a bit more thinking and investigating, the group concludes that the Drake rider had an accident with gravity.
Before we head back to the village, Tufty decides he wants to ride the Drake.
(STR vs REF check comes up with a natural 20) The Drake takes to the air with Tufty clinging to its back. 
The Drake is NOT happy about this and once a good 30 feet in the air decides to remove Tufty in a bid to regain its freedom
(STR vs REF check a natural 20 by the GM). As Tufty cannot fly as a free action, the inevitable happens,
and his fall is cushioned by a selfless act of heroism by the Elf (Kolbald). One day Levin will learn . . . or maybe not.

On our way back to the village, Mavros rushes up to greet us, explaining that the village teenagers have take up arms,
well flaming torches and pitch forks (ACME fantasy mob tm) as they have found an injured Drake in the marshes
(no wonder the village was grim). The Mobs ringleader have driven them into a frenzy, please could we stop them before
they hurt themselves. Yet again with a sigh the group runs after Levin as he tries to save the villagers from themselves.
The Drake is speaking Draconian weakly. Levin yells at the crowd “Stop right there”……….
Nothing……. Get those dice ready its STOP skill check time. You can’t roll that…….

Levin: (diplomacy check failed) Nothing, good start.
Methrein:(nature check passed) The Drake is in pain but has no obvious wounds.
Levin: (heal check passed) Doesn’t do much as the Drake has no obvious wounds.
Keira: (insight check passed) The Drake’s pain is mental.
Harbek: Waits a while, leans on his sword looking coolish, waiting for a fight.
Tufty: (bluff check passed) Bigs himself up puffer fish like and convinces the mob
that there is more than meets the eye with this Drake.
Methrein:(intimidate check – passes) A villager admits he can speak draconian and the Drake doesn’t want to fight,
it is in pain.
Levin, Harbek & Tufty: all pass intimidate checks, the mob wander off sheepishly, Levin goes for the full scouse “calm down, calm down”.
Harbek grabs the draconian speaking villager and we settle down for a conversation. The Drake explains that it has escaped
from Wyrmfang Peak and that in doing so it knocked a rider off another Drake. It was captured by the drake riders, since
then it has always been in pain. Before it can tell us any more, it shudders and falls down dead.
Tufty loots the saddle bags on the Drake (is he a sorcerer or a tea leaf?) finds a Dragon bone dagger (worth 250GP our
antiques expert tells us AKA the GM), a potion of healing, a tonic of anti venom. We have a new destination.
The group heads back to the village to rest ready for a day in the mountains.
Tufty and Levin go for a night on the tiles. What happens in roleplaying stays in roleplaying, lets just say that bars, wenches
and the daises of command +1 were involved.
During the night’s activities the pair discover that those who go to Wyrmfang Peak don’t return.
There was once a city on the top, which is now in ruins (much like my writing career), a big explosion flattened it, there was
a fight, spirits eat all those who travel there and don’t leave the moor at night.
A New day dawns.
The group heads off to the mountain and start climbing, time passes, more climbing, more time passes, after several arduous
hours the group reaches a cave. Methrein “Caves, I hate bloody caves”.

Levin goes into stealth mode and has a hunt around the cave finding nothing but a roosting bat. We decide to rest there
overnight and finish the climb in the morning. It is at this point we discover that Levin did not look very hard as a big bat and
friends the dire rat family Robinson attack us. 
Much dice fluffing occurs, then Tufty decides to use his big dangerous whirlwind of doom power and kills just about
everything, much to Methrein’s disgust (why can’t you hit things like normal people he wonders).
Methrein sits out most of the fight as he doesn’t own a ranged weapon, he soon gets bored and starts to throw stuff at the
bats, doesn’t do much but it makes him feel better. Once everything is dead, we discover a chamber at the back of the cave.
In it is a gnome skeleton, an amulet of heath +1 taken by Levin, 55gp, 3 vials of ghost strike oil and a wand +1 taken by Tufty.
After a good nights sleep the group heads back to the mountain and starts climbing again, time passes, more climbing, more
time passes, after several arduous hours the group reaches the top. Woot! At the top the group discovers a bowl shaped
valley with lots of ruins (that’s one thing the villagers got right). It is obvious that a large, very large explosion occurred here
(2nd point to the villagers) and that there are shards of blue crystal all over the valley (they didn’t know that, didn’t even
phone a friend). Tufty, recognising the blue shards picks one up.
Ding Dong Dream Sequence ALERT.
 Vision of the Destruction of Wyrmfang city

 Your point of view shifts, and you are no longer stood at the edge of the summit, but floating somewhere above Wyrmfang Peak. A city now stands unharmed within the crater, dragonborn soldiers moving around busily, merchants and families going about their business.

From the far side of the crater over the lip flies a single black cloaked figure, closely followed by a dozen large drakes each with a black hooded rider. Opposite them, hovering over the city is a great dragon, its rider holding a glowing blue stone aloft. With a gesture from its rider a bolt of energy lashes out toward the incoming riders blasting two of the drakes out of the sky & scattering the rest. The single flying figure raises his hand revealing a glowing green stone. With a violent lurch he veers off to one side narrowly avoiding the blast, which is partly deflected.

The Cloaked figure now gestures violently at the blue dragon shouting a spell into the rushing wind. The result is a devastating wave of thunder radiating out at the blue dragon and down into the crater below. Where the energy crashes into the city, it destroys all in its path. The wave crashes into the blue dragon and rider, and they barely manage to survive the blast and wheel around for another strike on the flying figure. The dragon rider pulls his mount around and flies directly at the approaching formation, again hurling a spell boosted by the glowing blue stone. The crackling bolt smashes into the cloaked figure this time pushing him back and leaving a charred smoking line across his body, before sweeping on to destroy another three of the formation behind.

            With a insane look in his eyes, the flying cloaked figure once again holds the green stone aloft & shouts at the sky. In response, crackling bolts of lighting shoot out in an enormous surge of sickly green energy. Multiple bolts lash out hitting the Blue dragon & mortally wounding it. The dragon rider holds out his stone like a shield, resisting the power of the onslaught for a few seconds before he too is struck by a vicious bolt followed by another and another until the blue stone drops from his hand. Time seems to slow as the glowing blue crystal falls lazily down toward the heart of the city below.

Then it hits the ground and explodes in a spray of blue crystal shards, taking most of the city with it. The dragon rider clings desperately to the dying dragon as it spirals to the ground amid the wreckage of the city below. Your vision follows the falling man until he is finally thrown from his mount and strikes the wreckage strewn ground with a dull thump. The black-cloaked figure hovers in the air  watching triumphantly as his opponent falls. Then, with manic laughter, he turns away and leads his remaining followers back the way they came.

An eerie silence falls over the area and zooming in, you can make out the fallen figure lying in the rubble. He seems lifeless, with a gaping bloody wound in his chest oozing blood. Once you are within touching distance his eyes flick wide open, staring straight at you. The bloodied face seems familiar, it takes a while to place it, but as he reaches out to you with his left hand you realise this is none other than the Archmage of Hartsmouth,  Highlord Hellbrass.    But that is not what shocks you most . . . .

. . . . . it is the mark you can see on the bloodied palm of his outstretched hand. . . . .
The session ends with the group wondering what next. Tune in next time, same bat-time, same bat-channel, when the group wakes up from the vision and all kinds of cool stuff happens. I think, hope, wish.