Martin's account of Nov 15th Session

posted 18 Nov 2010, 14:00 by Geoff Gibbs

After recovering from the shock in the vision the group continue down into the crater of Wyrmfang peak, on the way down they reach a plateau with a dragonborn warrior statue on it, there are similar statues at regular intervals around the entire crater. Levin points out to the talons that these could be some form of guardians, so they approach the one facing them.

            A voice rings out from the statue warning the party to go no further, as this place is now the domain of the dead. They enter a dialogue with the statue which emerges as a ghost of a dragonborn warrior by the name of Varak Tybercax. Succeeding in a skill challenge the group discover that Varak serves the last remaining descendant of her noble line, a dragonborn by the name of Bejik. However they also discover that Varak is unhappy with this servitude as Bejik is a worshipper of the dark god Zehir and this dishonours her family name.

            Having earned her trust, the dragonborn warrior does not attack, but phases back into the statue, whereupon a band of undead creatures attack the party. A short battle ensues and the Talons emerge victorious.

After resting for the night, the Talons continue down the crater to the base where the remains of the ruined city lie scattered everywhere. As they near the central mound of rubble they are attacked by a band of dragonborn guards. Two snipers atop ruined towers fire at the party while a brigand attacks at ground level.

The sorcerer Tufty uses his powers to fly himself and Galadin up to one of the towers, where they fight a sniper. While Harbek, Levin & Keira attack the Brigand. The brigand is killed early on but the snipers prove difficult foes, and from a larger tower to the east another brigand flies in astride a warwing drake to join the battle. The sniper in the south tower, attacked by Tufty, eventually falls and the Talons turn their attentions to the brigand on the Drake.

[Session finished here.]