January 17th 2011

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The Further Scribbles of Grandeur of Methrein AKA the (mis)adventures of the Talons.
Episode 5 or 6 depending on who missed which session.

Andy as Methrein the Goliath Warden
Geoff as Levin the Kobold (who thinks he’s an Elf) Warlord
Tony as Keira the Human Cleric
Tufty as Tufty the Half-Elf Sorcerer
Matt  as Galadin the Eladrin Wizard
Robin as Claw The Shifter Ranger

The secret diary of Methrein aged 24 and bit winters.

Dear Diary,

After a very rough nights sleep in a dark damp cave, climbing up a cliff, a minor apocalyptic vision, I felt ill very ill, OH NO Goliath flu (like man flu but bigger), managed to dislocate a rib and got stuck in snow. That was a good day LOL. Still all is not bad with the world as I’ve caught up with my friends again after they left me and my germs behind. Even better news they’ve got themselves in a fight! I finish up later after getting me some action……….. (Fighting that is)

OH yeah some ranger bloke (I wish I was better with names) has joined our valiant party.

The late to the fight Methrein charges into combat, with an evil drake rider after Keria kills of his drake. Galadin misses the drake rider with his icy missile of doom spell; Robin charges in towards the combat but cannot get near as Methrein got there first.

Tufty after his earlier heroics on top of a nearby building gets hit by a poison bomb from a newly revealed sniper and falls unconscious. Keria decides to help Tufty by climbing up to him, attempt 1 fail, attempt 2 fail then finally she gets out her grabbling hook and hooks the building ready to try again. Tufty groans a lot. Meanwhile Levin is covering them with his bow with varying degrees of failure.

Back to the fighting with the evil drake rider, Methrein fails to hit him, and then gets used a punch bag by the evil drake rider. Claw and Galadin manage to bloody the rider.

Finally Keria manages to climb up the rope after a few more fails, to find Tufty starting to recover (natural 20 during the rolls for death) grumbling that with all the clanging around he couldn’t sleep. Levin still fails to provide covering fire, or is that provides covering dire?

Back to the fighting with the evil drake rider, Methrein hits him and then sets him on fire (feel the burn) killing him. Its overkill but the evil drake rider is dead and that’s what counts. Then, Suddenly another sniper shoots into the action.

Tufty and Keria climb down from the building to get some cover from the snipers. Levin, always the smallest nutter, climbs up the building to get a better shot at the snipers, who knows he may hit something now.

Methrein the bigger nutter, runs toward the building containing the sniper who knocked Tufty unconscious, climbs up the building and then runs out of breath. Bugger, the sniper casually puts down his crossbow and drawing his sword hits Methrein, who manages raven knows how (natural 20) not to let go of the wall. Meanwhile Tufty to help out Methrein starts to snipe the sniper. Methrein climbs over the parapet only to get hit by the sniper and fall unconscious. This could be a problem. Tufty kills the sniper, as he is throwing Methrein over the parapet. Methrein cannot fly, and proved Newton correct; at least the universe still works as it should.

Over to the other battle with another sniper on another building, Claw charges though the door and runs up the stairs to get at him, pausing below a trap door ready for a surprise attack ironically. Galadin and Levin provide the covering fire. Well Galadin does. Levin on the other hand realises that he is out of range (by 1 square) so decides to make up for this by jumping off the building and shooting the sniper in a true action movie style. It goes like this in glorious slow mo.

Levin leaps off the building, Shoots his bow (it is looking good, dare we say stylish),
Tries to score, Epic fumble (natural 1).
Newton is proved right again!
Wipes it up with a tissue, Brushes himself down
(by an earlier mistake Levin had resist 10 all damage till the end of turn, GM rolled exactly 10 damage for the fall),
States "That went well!" and walks off whistling,
Galadin says to Levin “you cock”
Levin says “I’m not a cock I’m an elf!” (Says it all really!!).

After Levin’s epic fail he runs over to Methrein, beating Keria to him and manages to heal him,
Claw finishes off the other sniper and we win.   Hurrah!

After looting the bodies and buildings find,
4 daggers worth 250gp, A vial of anti venom,
A Tyberax family tree, 4 potions of healing (tufty, Levin, Robin and Methrein take these),
And most importantly of all, the item which causes the most excitement for Levin and Methrein;
A piece of Eternal chalk.

Then after a bit of arsing around with statues of former dragon born lords, that chalk again,
the group in a cowboy posse walk head off for the fight with the big bad and very evil puppy-drowning drake lord and more of his mates.

Tune in next time, same bat time same bat channel.

Dear Diary,

My head hurts, seem to remember falling of a building don’t know why……..