Hartsveld II D&D Campaign - Session 35.

posted 8 Sep 2012, 03:24 by Geoff Gibbs
Tues. 28th Aug 2012 at Oxford Meeples Gaming club.

After talking with Private Zanphist, the PC emerge from the Herbalist shop,  only to be confronted by Lt. Stymers, looking for a fight after he has discovered one of his cronies dead in the warehouse. A battle ensues, during which many things happen, including:-
  • Galadin manages at least 6 misses in a row, before contributing anything useful to the fight.
  • Danni rushes over to confront the whole squad by herself, and is promptly put down.
  • Geoff takes on the 3 Dire Boars, and wins.
  • Claw does a lot of running around and sneaking away, but very little damage!
  • Dave makes lots of flashy lights and sound and then manages to hurt Danni (from his perch on a roof) before she goes down.
  • Dave discovers that the Sinstone he thought he had taken from Danni is just a useless lump of rock.
  • Dave manages to use every single power he knows during the fight!!!!

Eventually the group triumph and Danni is revived, only to succumb to her compulsion to Coup-de-Grace any helpless victims. But Claw picks up an unconscious soldier and carries him off to safety…..  and Danni comes to her senses just in time.