Hartsveld Infomation

Hartsveld Campaign timeline.

524Hartsveld I Campaign begins. 
526 The HV1 Adventuring party split up and go separate ways. 
530Maldac becomes archmage of the wizards guild. Zephyria (The Earl’s Wife) disappears. 
531The Earl of Hartsmouth announces he is to marry his new partner the Lady Maria. 
533Maldac becomes leader of the Mages Guild, he is now known as ‘Highlord Hellbrass’ 
555Hartveld II Campaign begins. 

Hartsmouth is ‘officially’ ruled by the Earl of Theronham, who recently remarried to the ‘Lady Maria’ after his previous wife disappeared. Lady Maria is the daughter of the Archmage ‘Highlord Hellbrass’, The current leader of the Mages
Guild in Hartsmouth.

Highlord Hellbrass has a son Dalamar who is currently exiled to the far eastern land of Khemit, after he crossed his father years earlier. Dalamar was part of an adventuring band in Hartsveld 30 years ago, he is now a ruthless evil mage after falling under the sway of an ancient artifact called ‘The Spark of Seth’

Hartsmouth City

Hartsmouth is a major coastal City with a busy Port, situated in the far South of Hartsveld. The major ruling character is the Earl of Hartsmouth – Edward Theron III. It is a busy trading port with trade routes to the southern continent of Calrendia & the Western continent of Khemit. There are also major land routes to Northern Hartsveld & Eastward across the Serpentcoil Mountains.

The City is divided East/West by the River Hart as it flows southward out of a large river delta into the Mendarric Sea. It is split North/South by the Main route across the City, Trader Street.

Hartsmouth has five main districts;

Theronham Estate – SW Hartsmouth

The Western dock is a military area, where warships and city supply ships are loaded /unloaded by city militia and local dockworkers. Nearby is a barracks and set back about a mile from the coast is The Mansion of the Earl of Hartsmouth. This mansion is more like a small fort, as it is surrounded by a wall similar to that around the city.

The SW area of Hartsmouth is also home to most of the more affluent and influential people of the City. The area contains a Temple of Pelor built on land given to the church by the First Earl of Hartsmouth over a hundred years ago. The coastline area is a pleasant private beach overlooked only by the Royal Crown Tavern.

Star Lake District – NW Hartsmouth

The main feature of this area is Star Lake, a large body of fresh water fed from a stream running into the City from Starcrest Hill. By the west gate is a large private zoo incorporating a large area of Star Lake. There are large areas of general housing to the north and south of the lake and on the Northeast edge is the Lakeside Inn.

Hamdor – NE Hartsmouth

This area contains a large collection of business and private housing. Also found here are the Sherriff’s office and courthouse/jailhouse. In the NE is a run down area known locally as ‘The Ghost District’ , people shun this area as it is supposedly haunted by the spirits of those hung on Hangman’s Hill. People have been known to disappear without trace after wandering into the area.

The whole area has recently been fenced off after rumours that it was being used by a gang of thieves as a secret base.

Shoredown – SW Hartsmouth

The Eastern dock is the civilian trader area and is about twice the size of the west dock. It can accommodate up to 10 ships at once, but there are usually only 6 to 8 moored up at any one time Further south is the fishing port. Hartsmouth has a large population of fishermen and tradesmen to support this. Shoredown has a large industrial area just south of trader street and a lot of housing for the fishermen.

Delta Island

Due to its natural river delta formation, Hartsmouth has a major Naval base situated on the Delta Island. This base is run by Admiral Steelport, who resides at the base.

The City is surrounded on the landward sides by a 12 foot high 2.5 foot thick castellated wall, which is regularly patrolled by both civilian & Naval soldiers. The wall has Large tower buttresses at roughly 0.5 mile intervals and three gateways into the City provide garrisons for the soldiers. The North gate is manned by Naval soldiers. The West and East gates are manned by civilian Militia commanded by the Earl. The City’s wealth is produced by the merchants trading at the docks with merchandise from all over the world. Imports include Fruits, vegetables, spirits, tobacco, wood, cloth tea/coffee and raw metals.

There are several areas of interest just outside the City, these are;
  • Hangman’s Hill to the NE, Ruins of Garthon Manor are here.
  • Whispering wood to the NE,
  • Scaletop Hill about 3 miles to the East (in the foothills of the Serpentcoil Mnts), The Raven Queen Temple is here.
  • Starcrest Hill and Forest to the NW. Crescent Moon Monastery is here.
  • Shoredown forest to the SE.
  • Skiffton Village on the coast to the west of Hartsmouth, a small fishing village.
  • Crestlee Village to the west of Starcrest Hill.
  • Fordinghart, A small village along the eastern bank of river Hart 9 miles North of the city.
  • Kascar Valley, in the foothills of the Serpentcoil mountains North of Hangman’s hill about 5 miles from Fordinghart. At the head of the valley lies the remains of Kascar Keep.
  • Eagle’s Crest, a pass through the Serpentcoil Mnts to the East.