Andy's account of Monday 20th

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The continuing Hartveld saga.......aka  Kobold in tights. (a comedy of errors!)  

Andy     as Methrein the Goliath Warden              Geoff     as Levin the Kobold (who thinks he’s an Elf) Warlord

Matt      as Galadin the Eladrin Wizard                 Tony     as Keira the Human Cleric                                 

Tufty     as Tufty the Half-Elf Sorcerer


Above Ground. . . .  The Rival Wizard returns to the cottage, so the rest of the group (Galadin) and a passing Kobold (err Elf!) attack him, well try to, if they could hit him.  Matt decides his miss hits a nearby dead tree, until we tell him that a dead tree lies prone and so he even missed that!!

Below ground. . .   Methrein heroically levers up the door so that Keira can crawl out of the trap into the small passage. Tufty falls victim to the thickening cloud of noxious gas and lies unconscious on the floor of the cavern.  The door drops lower as Methrein has a lapse of concentration & failing health, narrowly missing Keira on the other side.

Above ground. . . Galadin and Levin finally manage to hit the rival wizard enough to finish him off.  Then have a deep and meaningful conversation about what type of elf Levin actually is. . . . . .  After a while they head off into the cottage to find out what has befallen the rest of the group.
Below ground. . .  Keira uses healing words on Methrein though the gap beneath the shifting stone door, then herself falls victim to the gas which is now billowing along the passage. Whilst she lies unconscious, Levin & Galadin find the pit and climb down to help. Levin performs CPR on Keira (letches anyway). She revives to find herself in the arms of a Kobold with his mouth clamped firmly to hers. Methrein, meanwhile manages to hoist the stone block all the way up to its open position and the group escapes the cave after a couple of feeble attempts to climb a rope.
We wait for the gas to disperse and then loot the rooms.Deciding to find further adventure to the north, following the river, head to a grim looking village by the name of Elkridge (well it is the north), get a few funny looks from the villagers as they board up their houses (well it is the north).

Hearing a loud scream (the millers wife a local inform us), Levin rushes off to save her (we as a party really must break him of this habit, as he only wants to letch). Three Drakes are attacking the villagers. After much dice fluffing ensues, Galadin and Keira get first blood on the Drakes, upsetting Methrein so much that he sets fire to the first Drake he hits, killing it. He then runs into the nearest building & breaks though the roof to attack the next one, only for some glory boy to claim the kill. Meanwhile the last drake breaks into a barn and starts munching on cow meat. Levin, Galadin and Tufty annoy it enough for it to stop eating and then they kill it.We are asked to become village champions, to which Levin instantly agrees, (we as a party really must break him of this habit, may be with repeated slaps to the back of his head?) Suddenly we are protecting the village from Warwing Drakes and attempting to find the nest/base.

Tune in Next week when the party tries to do some investigating, not hitting things.

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