Andy’s account of Monday 16th August.

posted 24 Sep 2010, 00:55 by Geoff Gibbs
The continuing Hartveld saga....... Starring;

Andy as Methrein the Goliath Warden
Max as Harbek the Dwarf Fighter
Tony as Keira the Human Cleric
Tufty as Tufty the Half-Elf Sorcerer

Harbek and Methrein arrive late at the bridge to discover a fight on their hands, after the Priestess Ravenna directs them
to the other adventurers in peril. Crossbow bolts are flying from a water tower, two men are charging across the bridge, 
balls of fire & Lighting are appearing from the cottage window.

Methrein, not knowing the others but seeing two characters in mortal danger throws himself into the fight on the bridge, 
claiming first blood (always important!!); Harbek comes swinging in to aid Tufty at the bridge. 
The two of them give enough time to Tufty to recover his senses and re-enter the fight. Leaving Tufty to help Keira the cleric, 
who’s lying in a pool of blood on the ground, Harbek heads off towards the house to stop the fire, 
Methrein charges towards the water tower to stop the shooting.

Methrein sets the water tower on fire, causing the two soldiers inside to climb down and attack him; 
Tufty (the Sorcerer!!) heals Keira (the Cleric!!) who enters the fight a bit gingerly. 
Harbek hurls himself through the cottage window, surprising the enemy and them promptly fails to subdue him. 
(He has a fun five minutes when he did nothing and the wizard ran off).
Eventually the everybody is defeated or runs off…(hint Max)….. And our intrepid heroes try to make the best of a bad job and investigate the cottage. After some searching (well looking on the floor as it was in plain sight) they find a trap door into a 35’ pit, which leads to a secret chamber.
              It’s a trap!!!!!!!! (don’t open the cupboard door, Keira!)

After breathing in too much poison gas our heroes are struggling to wedge open the tunnel door to leave the chamber 
and find fresh air…………
Tune in next month, same bat time, same bat channel….